Who we are

&next is a hands-on consultancy for data-driven customer experiences and digital transformation.

There is no denying that people seek meaningful interactions.
Organisations that are able to deliver these meaningful interactions at scale outperform their competitors.

We help organisations to integrate data analytics and customer strategy with an inclusive high-performance growth culture, empowering their workforce to deliver engaging experiences across all touch points in real-time.

Engaging your teams in our transformation programs leads to broad ownership of new ways of thinking and working – adapting the DNA of your company to create a digital company-wide culture and nimble future proof operations model.

What we do

Develop growth mindset

Tomorrow’s successful companies truly understand their customers and are able to adapt swiftly to continuously evolving behaviours and expectations. We help organisations to develop a digital future-ready business strategy and to establish an agile operations model with an inclusive high-performance culture.

Data-driven decision making

&next analyses your data opportunities and provides innovative data strategies to better understand, win & convert your customers, predict their needs, drive efficiency and establish data-based decision making across all teams of your organisation.

Create engaging experiences

We help you to use data insights and psychographic audience profiling to design your optimal customer journey, providing meaningful interactions that add value to your customer’s lives at every touch point. With your team we develop a roadmap, all required steps and implement these in close collaboration.

How we do it


We deliver all projects end-to-end with continuous project leadership and if needed we add specialists to our tailored team just when they are needed.

Inside out

We integrate your employees into our collaborative process and let them co-create new solutions & processes, creating broad ownership across your business to achieve cultural mindset shifts.

Increasing capabilities

All along the way we ensure your team builds up the necessary capabilities to run and optimise all new processes independently. We don’t want you to rely on us for years to come and will do all we can to make you grow on your own.

Integrated at our core

The seamless integration of data analytics, customer strategy and team engagement always results in durable growth. If you fail to address one of those, you are probably underperforming.

Our advanced data analytics provide deep insights into all relevant audiences. Customer strategy defines how to turn these insights into meaningful people experiences. An engaged and motivated team can leverage automated dashboards and tools to efficiently design & deliver engaging customer interactions at scale.

This is why we embark with each of our clients on a journey, integrating those 3 dimensions from the start.

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